This book shows you the techniques that make games tick, and gives you
dozens of working Java code examples. In addition, each example is backed
up by detailed explanations that fully deconstruct the code so that you can
see how everything works. You can start from these working examples and
customize them, use the parts to create entirely new games, or simply use
them as a source of ideas for writing your own custom game code.
While this book does, where necessary, discuss a little theory, the real heart
of the book is intended more like a hands-on auto shop class than a physics
lecture. After all, understanding how a water pump works is a lot easier if
you can hold one in your hand and see where it fits on a real car engine.
Likewise, understanding game code is a lot easier if you can examine each
part of the code in detail and see where it fits in the overall structure of a
working program.